Marble is a highly skilled product design consultancy combining the skills, facilities, tools, processes, people and industry knowledge required to develop innovative, new products. At Marble we invent, detail and support the manufacture of a wide range of innovative design solutions from concept through to manufacture. Our goal is to develop creative solutions which both appeal to the end user and meet the business needs of our clients.

Industrial Design

Our skilled industrial designers are experienced in creating innovative and practical product concepts from a simple design brief. Our designers immerse themselves in potential product solutions, researching different avenues, user scenarios and product configurations. The industrial design is always done in parallel with the engineers to ensure a comprehensive 'works like, looks like' product solution. We are flexible in our approach and are skilled in innovation workshops, sketching, rapid CAD concept generation, styling and prototyping.

Usability Engineering

We believe that Usability and Human Factors are an inherent, ongoing and vital part of design and early concept development. This not only ensures the product is a commercial success but, in the case of medical devices, ensures regulatory usability requirements are met. We have the skills and experience to develop and conduct formative user evaluations during the early phases of device design and conclude the process with formal summative testing to demonstrate risks have been addressed and the product is safe and easy to use. We have particular experience in FMCG, drug delivery (general, paediatric and RA), phlebotomy and diagnostics. We are skilled in conducting usability studies in parallel with risk management.


Medical Device Design

We have designed a wide assortment of medical devices including pen injectors, auto-injectors, inhalers and unique drug delivery systems. Our portfolio also includes numerous surgical, diagnostic, critical care and blood draw devices. We have an excellent working knowledge of the regulatory, human factors and quality requirements. We frequently generate novel IP for our clients offering creative solutions to navigate crowded patent landscapes. We have recently applied agile design principles to our medical design process to produce injection moulded parts and conduct advanced product testing quickly and efficiently.


Mechanical Engineering and Analysis

We ensure our concepts are based on sound engineering principals. We undertake engineering activities during concept generation, development and detailed design to ensure the design is optimised for use and function. We undertake system characterisation, mathematical modelling, thermal analysis, FEA, engineering calculations, materials evaluation and selection, cable management, tolerance analysis and design for manufacture. We frequently help our clients resolve specific technical challenges relating to product function. We have software and electronics capabilities. We have in-house testing and prototyping facilities including a tensile tester, workshop, lab and small run assembly area.

Machinery and Automation Development

A great design is worthless unless it can be easily manufactured. We not only design the product but consider manufacturing routinely throughout the design process. We have designed, engineered and built a number of high throughput custom machines for the pharmaceutical industry. We advise on manufacturing strategy and scale up, undertake manufacturer evaluation on behalf of our clients and support manufacturer selection.


We aim for high quality and consistency in all our deliverables and we have the certificates to prove it! Marble has invested in the development of a tailored, unique ISO 13485 quality system to meet our medical device client's needs and ensure consistent, high quality deliverables as we grow. Our systems are flexible, enabling us to work to client's systems when required. For non-medical clients we have achieved ISO 9001:2015.

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