Disposable Tourniquet

ASEP Healthcare utilised Marble's usability engineering, industrial design and design for manufacture skills in the development of their range of disposable tourniquets. ASEP approached Marble to develop their next generation of disposable tourniquets, with the goal of increasing their market prominence and appeal by expanding their current market offering. As a small start-up company, ASEP required Marble to work in an efficient manner, producing high value with low product development investment.


Marble arranged a Usability Workshop in their offices with the design team, phlebotomists, distibutors and key project stakeholders. The team immersed themselves in the product, evaluating current tourniquet options, understanding use modes and preferences, product misconception, mental models and resultant usability issues. The result of the workshop provided valuable input and insight to guide the design direction and specify the product requirements.

Following the workshop the team developed alternative product concepts to meet the user needs and address the market forces. The design work encompassed not only the product form but the graphic design and potential unique trademarks and brands to guide the users.


Marble's in-house workshop and technician were put to full use to produce rapid prototypes, to enable trial and evaluation of alternative product concepts. The prototypes were evaluated by key product stakeholders in parallel with anthropometric research to understand forces during use and extremes of the user population.

Volume manufacturing, cycle time (via mouldflow analysis), unit cost, stacking and packaging options were considered and compared throughout the development process to ensure concepts could be manufactured and distributed cost effectively. This was vitally important to ASEP due to the price sensitivity of the product.

A materials evaluation and test programme was undertaken utilising the tensile tester in Marble's lab. This enabled product benchmarking and provided confidence in the material choice prior to tooling release.

The final product solutions are currently in the closing stages of development, providing ASEP with an appealing range of competitive offerings to launch in Europe and the USA in the near future.

Marble supported ASEP in product packaging and launch activities by designing a custom dispenser for the Tournistrip product. The dispenser had to be cost effective, appealing, portable and ergonomic with flexibility in the mounting options. The Marble team undertook the design, prototyping and engineering of this product from design concept to release for volume manufacturing, including manufacturer evaluation and selection.