The Elliptical Collection

Marble worked with inventor John C Taylor to produce an elliptical dining experience, including handblown glassware, cutlery and a fine bone china dining and tea set.

Our client has a passional for the ellipse. It provided the architectural inspiration for his elliptical country home, dining room, table and chairs. Marble were asked to use this as the basis for the design of his 'Elliptical Collection', a bespoke set of limited edition 'design artworks' developed at Marble to compliment his existing elliptical pieces. The design challenge was not in breaking the conventional design rules, nor conceiving an elegant yet practical form, but in sourcing local manufacturers who were willing to evolve their time honoured traditional methods to achieve the unique, complex shape to an unrivalled quality.

Novel, experimental manufacturing techniques were used to prototype a range of unique silverware to accompany the tableware.


In reviewing conventional means of manufacturing fine bone china, it was quickly realised that traditional manufacturing methods were more applicable to 2D shapes than the 3D elliptoid forms of the Elliptical Collection. We worked with the manufacturers to establish a new technique which retained the purity of the 3D form by printing the models straight from CAD. These 3D models were then used to block the moulds to produce the unique sculptural pieces. Each piece has an individual charm and is a pleasure to handle, resulting in a truly unique, luxurious set.


The Elliptical Collection was unveiled at Design Shanghai 2015. Marble designed a number of graphical elements as decoration options. A subtle gold edge was incorporated to emphasise the 3D nature of the piece, designed to appeal to an alternative market.


We are proud patrons of the Teapot Trust. The teapot design was donated by John C Taylor to the trust and Marble have supported them in the branding and manufacture of their own unique teapot.

Please support the trust by visiting their website and buying a teapot to support this great charity which provides art therapy to children with chronic illness.


And finally...
No collection is complete without it's beer tankard, dragon or traditional? Cheers!