For a number of years, Marble has supported BTG in the incremental improvement and development of their Varithena™ product range. Marble has undertaken a range of projects including; concept development, engineering analysis, manufacturing improvements and automation ramp-up strategy. Varithena™ is an injectable micro-foam based treatment for varicose veins. The micro-foam is prepared by combining the contents of two pressurised canisters. A minimally invasive non-surgical treatment is performed to inject the foam into the malfunctioning section of vein, resulting in diseased vein collapse.


A key component in the Varithena™ assembly is the collet. The functional requirement of the collet is to join the pressurised canisters to the filter components. It has a number of challenging design elements such as torsional and axial load resistance and assembly without damage to the seal. Marble produced multiple alternative concepts to improve the torsional resistance of this component, ranging from minor tweaks and material changes to innovative holistic product solutions.

In order to ensure product changes were appropriate, Marble evaluated the force balance and movements during product storage and use. This was followed by a full statistical tolerance analysis and FEA of appropriate regions.

CT scans and sections were commissioned and interpreted by Marble, this enabled evaluation of the final assembly to clarify if the product was working to the desired design intent.

Marble have supported BTG with detailed drawing iterations, test rig design and build, next generation product development concepts and automation implementation. The projects range in size and scope but are all quantifiable in terms of the net benefit to the client.